2019 China Aromatherapy Conference Field Visits


July 15, 2019 Monday

Pre-Conference Field Trip

08:00 Gather in lobby of Shanghai Xintiandi Langham Hotel

08:20 Take bus to Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals

10:00 Visit Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals 

11:00 To Jala Group Factory   

11:15 Visit Exhibition Hall of Jala Group   

12:00 To Oriental Beauty Valley

12:30 Lunch in Oriental Beauty Valley

13:00 Visit Exhibition Hall of Oriental Beauty Valley

14:00 To Apple Aromatic Plants Garden

16:00 Visit Apple Aromatic Plants Garden

18:00 Welcome Dinner in the Garden with BBQ

19:30 Return

21:00 Back at Hotel


JALA Group Co.,Ltd.


JALA Group (“JALA”) is a leading Chinese cosmetics company that integrates R&D, production, sales and services with extensive scale and strong competitive ability. While focusing on cosmetics and personal care products, JALA is also growing in the beauty & health food industry.


Keeping combining art of oriental beauty and world-advanced technology perfectly, JALA is committed to providing customers with world-class products and services, and making oriental beauty triumph around the world. Since its founding in Shanghai in 2001, the rapidly-expanding group has established several sub-brands, including MAYSU, CHANDO, BOTANICAL WISDOM, and SpringSummer. To date, a nationwide distribution network of nearly 40,000 retail outlets has been established in China, located in department stores, cosmetics stores, KAs and supermarkets, in over 10,000 towns and cities across all 31 of the country’s provinces. With over 7,500 direct employees and 60,000 outlet employees, JALA has established itself as the industry leader in terms of continuous growth of domestic market share, consumer opinions and social impacts.

In September 2009, JALA became the only Chinese cosmetics company to participate in the “2010 Shanghai World Expo.” As a leading cosmetics company, JALA was recognized as one of the most successful, pioneering Chinese private enterprises.

In February 2011, JALA and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) jointly launched a cooperation strategy, making JALA the first Chinese private enterprise to partner with UNDP. Together, the parties adopted an innovative public welfare model that was committed to the protection and sustainable development of ethnic minority cultural industries in China. After four years of implementation, the project became a global success story, and was listed on the UNDP’s global website. JALA’s chairman, Chunying Zheng, met with the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, and was commended by the UNDP. Due to his outstanding contribution to the project, Mr. Zheng was also awarded the “Exemplary Award for National Unity and Progress” by the Chinese State Council in 2014.

Every year since 2011, JALA has participated in the “Boao Forum for Asia” and is recognized as a Platinum member. Mr. Zheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was met by General-Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, among other leaders, for three consecutive years as a representative of business leaders in China.

In November 2011, JALA was recognized as a “High-tech Enterprise” by the State.

In September 2016, JALA became the first cosmetics company in the world to print Asian skin using 3D bio-printing technology.

In October 2016, after four years of R&D and 1,253 experiments, MAYSU launched its first serum from the Space Lab – the “Ginseng Seed Intensive Serum”

In March 2017, the CHANDO Himalayan Beauty Research Institute was officially established at the JALA R&D Center.

In July 2017, the #Himalayan Grass Planting# campaign was launched by the “CHANDO Himalayan Environmental Welfare Fund”. This project led to the planting of 660,000 square meters of green wheat grass in Shigatse, in the middle of the Himalayan range. As a result, the project has changed the way people now interact with the grassland, giving more space to nature.

Independent R&D, Technological Innovation

Since its inception, JALA has followed a development path of independent research and development, as well as international cooperation. During its search for safe and effective natural ingredients from around the world, JALA has used world-leading technology to ensure that its production formulas and technology are suitable for oriental skin. Every JALA product must undergo a minimum of 60 unique tests to meet customers’ requirements for quality, effectiveness and low environmental impact. In June 2013, JALA carried out space-science research for the first time, on Shenzhou-10, becoming the first Asian cosmetics company to conduct bioscience research, in space, using advanced space technology; in October 2013, JALA’s “3D reconstructed human skin model,” which had been independently constructed by the JALA Group R&D Center, was recognized as world-leading by both domestic and foreign experts. In September 2016, JALA’s skin model R&D team partnered with LabSkin Creations, an international advanced skin laboratory, to print Asian skin for the first time using a 3D bioprinter. In addition, following the 2017 publication of microRNA that regulates skin, JALA released research results on small RNA innovations in Himalayan plants in 2018. JALA was also invited to Germany to participate in the 2018 IFSCC Conference, which is known as the “Olympics for Cosmetics,” to showcase its academic achievements. In the field of epigenetics, JALA has also reached the forefront of the international market. As of right now, JALA has 5,062 trademark registration applications, 3717 valid registered trademarks, 117 authorized international trademarks (registered through the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks), and 62 independent, nationally-registered international trademarks. The total number of valid, registered trademarks is ranked among the highest in Shanghai.

Mission, Vision and Values

JALA’s mission is to spread the essence of Oriental aesthetics and values throughout the world, providing customers with products and services that are adored, artistically-appealing, and of world-class quality, hence helping them achieve a better and happier life!

JALA’s vision is to become the largest world-class enterprise of beauty and health in Asia, being profitable, sustainable, and responsible.

To achieve the mission and vision, JALA and its partners adhere to its five basic values of Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Self-motivation and Ownership. At the same time, the company is committed to the core values of “win-win cooperation, integrity and responsibility, customer foremost and innovation”. This commitment serves as the internal driving force for the company's ongoing development.




Apple Botanical Garden

Apple Botanical Garden was founded in 2008 and covers an area of  41 acres. It was originally the aromatic plant germplasm center of Apple Fragrance  Group Co., Ltd. In 2018, the Group repositioned its business concept. The Apple Botanical Garden took the “beauty of plant application” as its core concept and tries to extract “plants” and “nature” from people's lifestyles to help people to rediscover the importance of “plants and nature” in all aspects of people's lives by content, products, scenes and experiences.











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