2019 China Aromatherapy Conference Host


2019 China Aromatherapy Conference is hosted by China Aromatherapy Association (CAA).  CAA is one of the associations under China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Agriculture, one department of the Ministry of Commerce of China.  CAA is founded in April, 2014, it is the first aromatherapy association in China.

Position: Based on aromatic plants resources, aromatherapy products research and applications, international professional communications and training, to set up the platform for good-quality raw material business, market information sharing, production application developments, exchange of researches and professional training.

Members: Planters, manufacturers, researchers, brands, experts for natural therapy, aromatherapists, training organizations, and lots of lovers of aromatherapy. 

Committee: consisting of 24 elite companies

Events:2016 China Aromatherapy Conference, December, Shanghai

       2017 China Aromatherapy Conference, June, Yining

2018 China Aromatherapy Conference, July, Kunming

2019 China Aromatherapy Conference, July, Shanghai

2020 Asia Aromatherapy Conference, April, Haikou

Training: Professional training and study tour

Standards: Testing standards for real and fake raw materials

CAA will focus on international communication, with the main topic of China style and China elements on aromatherapy, on basis of specialization and standardization, to raise the level of influence of aromatherapy of China in the world. 

CAA hopes, with the efforts of all the industry, with the favorable policy of China on heath, to promote the development of aromatherapy in China, and strengthen the business cooperation on raw materials and application products with all friends in China and aboard.




China Aromatherapy Association

March, 2019



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