2019 China Aromatherapy Conference Speakers and Speeches


July 15-17, 2019,  Langham Hotel, Shanghai


July 16, 2019 Tuesday


Professional Reports              

1. Aromatherapy topic from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2. Chinese local herbs essential oil from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

3. Innovative Development and Utilization of Cassia in the Field of Health--from Guangdong University of Technology

4. Alternative antibiotics topic from Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

5. Aromatherapy in Pediatrics -- Speaker: Ms. Xiong Lei, principal of Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine

6. Speech from Zhang Kunbao: Himalaya Bowl in Treatment of Sleep Disorder

Workshop:  Himalaya Bowl Treatment with Essential Oil -- Deep Experience (Extra Paid)

Zhang Kunbao (China Taiwan)


July 17, 2019  Wednesday


Professional Reports              

1. Speech from Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt (USA)Essential Oil Quality Today

2. Speech from Monika Haas (USA): Highly Effective Essential Oil Treatments

3. Speech from Petkov (Bulgaria): Resources and Applications of Melissa and Yarrow

4. Speech from Zhao Huaxiang: Art of Formulation and Scents

5. Speech from Li Siting (France): Exploration of Aromatherapy in Clinical Treatment of Herpes Zoster

6. Speech from Dr. Ramakant Harlalka (India): Aroma Therapy in Yoga and Ayurveda

7. Speech from Ms. Elham Elley Raheb : Roses in Iran






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