2019 China Aromatherapy Conference Programme


2019 China Aromatherapy Conference


July 15-17, 2019  Xintiandi Langham Hotel  Shanghai, China


July 15, 2019 Monday

Pre-Conference Field Trip

08:00 Gather in lobby of Shanghai Xintiandi Langham Hotel

08:20 Take bus to Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals

10:00 Visit Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals 

11:00 To Jala Group Factory   

11:15 Visit Exhibition Hall of Jala Group   

12:00 To Oriental Beauty Valley

12:30 Lunch in Oriental Beauty Valley

13:00 Visit Exhibition Hall of Oriental Beauty Valley

14:00 To Apple Aromatic Plants Garden

16:00 Visit Apple Aromatic Plants Garden

18:00 Welcome Dinner in the Garden

19:30 Return

21:00 Back at Hotel


July 16, 2019 Tuesday

Exhibition for Whole Day

07:30 Registration for conference (3rd Floor, Shanghai Xintiandi Langham Hotel)

08:15-08:30 Opening Remarks

08:30-09:30 Speech I Chinese Medical Aromatherapy--Natural Therapy with Aroma Diffusion

Ms. Cao Yanya, Associate Professor, University of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine

09:30-10:30 Speech II An Exploration and Application of Aromas of Chinese Elements 

Dr. Ma Li, Assistant Professor, Assistant Director of R&D Center for Aromatic Plants of Shanghai

Jiao Tong University

10:30-11:00 Tea Break and Business Network

11:00-12:30 Speech III Applications of Aromatic Chinese Medicine in Pediatrics

Prof. Xiong Lei, Doctoral Supervisor, President of Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine

12:30 Lunch and Business Network

14:00-14:45 Speech IV Innovative Development and Utilization of Cassia in the Field of Health

 Dr. Wu Kegang, Professor, Guangdong University of Technology

14:45-15:30 Speech V Scientific Contents and Key Technology for Chinese Medical Science Aromatherapy and

                    Chinese Medicine Essential Oil

Prof. Yang Ming, Doctoral Supervisor, Vice Principal of Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine

15:30-16:00 Tea Break and Business Network

16:00-17:00 Speech VI Musical Healing of Singing Bowl for Sleep Disorder

Mr. Zhang Kunbao (China Taiwan), Founder of Physical and Mental Healing by Global Chinese

17:00-18:00 Exhibition and Business Network

18:00-19:00 Workshop (with tickets) by Mr. Zhang Kunbao

Experience for Aromatic Essential Oils and Singing Bowls for Healing


July 17, 2019 Wednesday

Exhibition for Whole Day

09:00-10:00 Speech VII Art of Formulation and Scents

Mr. Zhao Huaxiang, GM of Poli Aromatic Pharmaceutical Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

10:00-10:30 Promotion Time for Exhibitors and Supporters with Their Products

10:30-11:00 Tea Break and Business Network

11:00-11:45 Speech VIII Essential Oil Quality Today

Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt (US/Germany), Scientific Director of Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

11:45-12:30 Speech IX Highly Effective Essential Oil Treatments

Ms. Monika Haas (US/Germany), Chief Formulator of Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

12:30 Lunch and Business Network

14:00-14:40 Speech X Exploration of Aromatherapy in Clinical Treatment of Herpes Zoster

Dr. Li Siting (France), President for Asia of European Aromatherapy Association

14:40-15:10 Speech XI Resources and Applications of Melissa and Yarrow

Prof. Dimitar Petkov (Bulgaria), Bulgarian Aroma Co.,Ltd.

15:10-15:30 Tea Break and Business Network

15:30-16:00 Speech XII Iran Rosa Damascena Market and Rose Water in Cosmetics

Ms. Elham Elley Raheb (Iran), Managing Director of Iran Golab Marghoob Co.,Ltd.

16:00-17:00 Speech XIII Aroma Therapy in Yoga & Ayurveda

Dr. Ramakant Haralalka (India), General Manager of Sankhubaba International




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