“2019 China Aromatherapy Conference” Delegates List
(Total 167 delegates)
Company Name Title Country
China Academy of Management Science, Beijing Institute of Chinese Incense Lan Ling Professor China
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Huang Haiyan Trainee China
Shanghai Fanxi E-commerce Co., Ltd. Chen Kuan Chieh Manager 中国台灣
Freelancer Li Yingzi TCM Learner/Acupuncturist China
ki-ymi Purple Wu partner China
China Aromatherapy Association Rong Weidong President China
Jiaxing Aishun Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. Zhu Bin General Manager China
MOYA Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co,. Ltd. Zhang Yi GM China
Tianjin Double Horse Flavours & Fragrances Co.,Ltd. Wang Shuchang Technical Management China
Shylina’s lifestyle aromatherapy institution Shylina Sung General Manager 中国台灣
Xinjiang Ili Ipalhan Spices Co.,Ltd. Yexiaoqin Salesman China
Tianjin Double Horse Flavours & Fragrances Co.,Ltd. Liu Juan Perfumer China
Ofaroma Biotechnology (Shanghai) Inc. Xia Yue General Manager China
China Aromatherapy Associtaion (CAA) Yuan Bingkang Vice Secretary General China
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Li Yuhong Associate Professor China
Ningbo Youxi Trading Co.,Ltd. Fred Bian CEO China
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Wang Wencui Researcher China
Zhongke Ruiya Biotechnology (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. Zou Liqu CEO China
HuangYan Perfumery Co.,Ltd. James Zhao Genenal Manager China
Fangfei Natural Health Managment Center Duan Yongling Aromatherapist Manager China
Yiwu Lanty Import & Export Co.,Ltd. Katelyn Cai General Manager China
Yiwu Lanty Import & Export Co.,Ltd. Julio Zhu General Manager China
Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Zhang Ruilin Associate Professor China
Shaanxi Hengfang Rose Development Co.,Ltd. Wang Jinjun Service Manager China
Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Zou Xieying Teacher China
Dehong Yixinfenfang Agro-tech Co.,Ltd. Tan Chunying General Manager China
Yunnan Leading Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd. Zhu Fuchun Genenal Manager China
Aveyron Products Limited Sun Tianzeng Chairman China
Xinjiang Ipalhan Spices Co.,Ltd. Chen Caihua Minister of Operations China
South China University of Technology Wu Shuang Student China
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